All students receive an informative session on health& safety during the onsite orientation, as well as additional information included in the Noticias de Sevilla (biweekly emails) and the On-site Student Handbook.

*The following list of hospitals, clinics and services has been compiled to assist participants who require medical services; and while every effort has been made to only include the names of organizations and individuals with favorable reputations, CIEE Seville assumes no responsibility nor liability for the activites of the entities and persons listed. 


Pharmacies (farmacias) are usually the first choicefor the treatment of any non-urgent symptoms or basic health needs. If you do not need to see a doctor, but simply need advice about the appropriate over-the-counter medication, then consulting with the local pharmacist is the quickest, easiest (and cheapest) solution and readily available as there is a specially-designated 24-hour pharmacy in each neighborhood (farmacia de guardia). Please consult the following website for a list of open pharmacies – including 12-hour phamarmacies and/orrotating 24-hour pharmacies known as "farmacia de guardia".

Health Centers

If you have a mild condition (cold, flu, stomachproblems, etc.) or feel that you must see a physician, we suggest one of the two following medical centers, as same-day appointments are usually quick, easy, and relatively cheap - approx. 60€ for a general practice physician and approx 80-100€ for a specialist - payable in cash or by credit card. It is STRONGLY recomended that you call ahead and request an appointment, otherwise you might have to wait several hours for the next available opening. Please keep in mind, that health centers are open Monday -Friday during normal business hours and therefor closed evening, weekend and public holidays.  

Centro Médico Arenal

Mon – Fri: 8:30 to 13:30 and 16.00 to 20.30 *English speaking doctor available daily 16.00-20.30
C/ Pastor y Landero, 13 (Casco histórico)
Tel: (+34) 954-293-338

More serious accidents or urgent medical problems 24/7

Clínica Santa Isabel
Tel: (+34) 696-190-574
Avenida Luis Montoto, 100 

This 24/7 fully functioning hospital has a specialunit to attend to foreigners aas well as a 24/7 helpline that will arrange an appointment with an English-speaking doctor/specialist. If an English-speaking practitioner is not available, they will accompany you and provide translation assistance. While not required, it is STRONGLY recommended that you call ahead to arrange this service through the international unit's 24/27 helpline. All appointments, services and/or treatments provided MUST be paid for upfront (cash or credit card) and students should expect to provide ID/passport.  Lastly, the international unit can assist you with the reimbursement claims process with your insurance.


List of other hospitals (public/private)

Hospital Universitario Virgen del Rocío (Bami/Reina Mercedes) //PUBLIC
Avenida Manuel Siurot
Tel: 955 012 022

Hospital Universitario Virgen de la Macarena (Macarena/Casco histórico) //PUBLIC
Avenida Doctor Fedriani 
Tel: 955 008 000

Hospital Quironsalud Infanta Luisa (Triana / Los Remedios) //PRIVATE 
C/ San Jacinto 87 
Tel: 954 330 100

Hospital Sagrado Corazón (Bami/Reina Mercedes) //PRIVATE
C/ Rafael Salgado 3 
Tel: 954 937 676/Appointments: 902 322 233 

Hospital Fátima (Porvenir/San Bernardo) //PRIVATE
Glorieta de México  
Tel: 954 613 300/Appointments: 955 040 363


Finally, all CIEE students are insured by iNext travelinsurance policy designed to help cover the cost of accidents and/or illness (amongst other travel emergencies) while abroad. Please note that theiNext insurance is designed as a secondary policy;students covered by a personal/parental/school insurance plan should continue that coverage while in Spain, and MUST use that as their primary insurance.For a complete description of the benefits and provisions of the iNext plan, please read the policy information you received from CIEE (unless you upgraded to a different policy) or visit their website

iNext/Co-ordinated BenefitsPlans, LLC

Tel: 1-855-578-6398 

File a Claim:
Coordinated Benefits Plans, LLC
P.0. Box 26222
Tampa, FL, 33623

Email:* it is strongly recommendedthat claims be filed via email

Phone: 1-866-723-3063 or 1-727-412-7378