How to request a medical appointment

The Student Life team is available to assist you make a medical appointment, whether it is for a physical or a mental condition, during office hours; however, it is usually quicker and more efficient for students to make these arrangements based on their own preferences/priorities for themselves. 

If you feel that you must see a physician or require prescription medication, past students have preferred to use one of the two following medical centers as same-day appointments are usually available and relatively cheap: approximately 30-60€ for a general practice physician and  80-120€ for a specialist; payable in cash or by credit card.

Please keep in mind, that health centers are open Monday–Friday during normal business hours and therefore closed evenings, weekends and public holidays.

It is STRONGLY recommended that you call ahead and request an appointment, otherwise you might have to wait several hours for the next available walk-in opening. 

Lastly, although it maybe possible to request an English-speaking doctor, this is not the norm. Students who require assistance making an appointment and/or translation services should use Clinica Santa Isabel as they will assist, accompany and translate for you whether you are being attended through Urgent Care/Urgencias (especially useful for same-day, evening and weekend needs) or calling ahead to arrange an appointment; both can be done by calling the 24/ helpline. 

Clínica Santa Isabel
Tel: (+34) 696-190-574
Avenida Luis Montoto, 100