Attendance Policy

CIEE program minimum class attendance standards are as outlined below. Location-specific attendance policies may be more stringent than the policies stated below. The CIEE Center Director sets the specific attendance policy for each location, including how absences impact final grades. Such policies are communicated to students during orientation and via CIEE documents distributed onsite. For host institution classes, the aforementioned policies apply when the host institution has no published attendance policy. In the event that the attendance policy for host institution courses differs from CIEE’s policy, the more stringent policy will apply.

Regular class attendance is required throughout the program, and unexcused absences may result in a lower grade for any affected CIEE course.

Students who transfer from one CIEE class to another during the add/drop period will not be considered absent from the first session(s) of their new class, provided they were marked present for the first session(s) of their original class. Otherwise, the absence(s) from the original class carries over to the new class and counts against the grade in that class.

An absence in a CIEE course will only be considered excused if:

  • a doctor’s note from a local medical professional is provided
  • a CIEE staff member verifies that the student was too ill to attend class
  • satisfactory evidence is provided of a family emergency
  • the CIEE Center or Academic Director approves an absence related to an observance of a religious holiday

CIEE Class Attendance Standards:

Percentage of Total Course Hours Missed Minimum Penalty
Up to 10% No academic penalty
10 – 20% Reduction of final grade
More than 20% Automatic course failure, and possible expulsion
  • Tardiness to class may be considered absenteeism.
  • Attendance policies also apply to any required class excursion.
  • Students are not permitted to travel away from the program site while classes are in session, unless part of a CIEE-organized excursion. Weekend travel is permitted, as long as the CIEE Independent Student Travel form is submitted to the CIEE Center Director.
  • For students who miss up to 20% of the total course hours, the Center or Academic Director may allow for exceptions to the local attendance policy based on documentation such as proof of bereavement, religious observances, hospitalization etc.

    • At the discretion of the Center Director or Academic Director, CIEE will consider requests to observe religious holidays as excused absences, if the participant contacts CIEE in advance of arrival on site and receives written approval ahead of the start of classes. The expectation is that the work will be made up.
    • Excused absences will not result in a grade reduction (up to the 20% absentee point), and the expectation is that, when possible, the missed classwork will be made up either by an alternative or additional means of assessment appropriate to the missed material.
    • Excused absences will continue to count toward total percentage accumulation of missed classes, and more than 20% total class time missed may still result in removal from the course or program (reviewed on a case-by-case basis).
  • Standard doctor’s visits only qualify as a justification for absence from class if the doctor provides a note confirming that the visit could not have been arranged at another time, or that the student was too ill to be able to attend class at all on the day of the visit.
  • Personal travel and/or travel delays are not considered justifiable reasons for missing class.
  • Persistent absenteeism (students with more than 10%of total course hours missed–whether from excused or unexcused absences–or violations of the attendance policies in more than one class) will lead to a written warning from the CIEE Center or Academic Director and notification to the student’s home school; subsequent absences totaling 20% or more of class time may result in failure and dismissal from the class and/or program.
  • For any requests for exception related to CIEE’s minimum class attendance standards, the CIEE Center Director will consult with CIEE Academic Affairs before an exception may be granted.