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Actividad de CIEE sin inscripción
UPO-CUI or CIEE 12 de septiembre de 2019. 00:00 a 00:00
16 de septiembre de 2019. 00:00 a 00:00
17 de septiembre de 2019. 00:00 a 00:00
IBC Academics

If you wish to withdrawn from any of your courses, you should contact your program prior to this date. Please remember that we would need the approval of your home school and that exceptional circumstances must concur. 


At most Centers, when the program is not a set curriculum, students are permitted to make changes in their course selection during a brief period at the beginning of a term. However, CIEE Add/Drop periods may vary from program to program and may be earlier than the advertised Add/Drop period of the host institution. In these instances, the CIEE Add/Drop deadline is the official deadline for all CIEE program participants, not the host institution deadline. In semester programs, the CIEE Add/Drop period will typically end no later than the second full week of regular classes for each academic term. In 6-10 weeks programs (block-based and some summer programs), the CIEE Add/Drop deadline will end no later than one week after classes begin. For programs under 6 weeks (January and summer short-term programs), the CIEE Add/Drop Deadline will typically end no later than the end of the second day of classes. No changes are permitted in registration, other than those to correct clerical errors, after the CIEE Add/Drop deadline. After the end of the CIEE Add/Drop period, the student’s registration is considered final, and no course(s) may be changed or deleted from a student's CIEE Academic Record. 

Students are asked to verify their final registration in their CIEE online accounts. In the event a student fails to verify the registration as instructed and by the deadline stated by resident staff, the registration record as entered by resident staff is considered “final” and no further changes may be made to it. Therefore, if a class is noted on the record, and no grade is reported by the professor for the student, a grade of “F” will be assigned, regardless of whether the student believes she or he appropriately dropped or withdrew from the class in question. Students are responsible for ensuring and verifying that the final course registration accurately reflects the classes (titles, credits, hours, and language of instruction) in which they are enrolled and as the students anticipate the courses should be noted. Any perceived discrepancies should be reported immediately to the CIEE Center Director for review, consideration, and (if appropriate) correction.