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Basilippo – IBC Company Visit

Inscripción abierta desde el 13 septiembre 2019 (11:00) hasta el 10 octubre 2019 (12:00)
Basilippo Headquarters (Viso del Alcor, Spain) 11 de octubre de 2019. 11:30 a 14:00 Salida: 11 de octubre de 2019. 10:45 Regreso: 11 de octubre de 2019. 14:00 IBC Visitas

Basilippo is afamily-owned company in El Viso del alcor (45 min), located inthe Los Alcores region of Seville, specializing in theproduction of gourmet olive oil.  Basilippo has won many prestigious international awards for its quality extra virgin olive oil. 


Thiswill be an academic and cultural visit.  We will visit the grounds of the property, learn about the olive and olive tree cultivation and history, visit the installations, learn about marketing and product distribution, future endeavors, etc. followed by an olive oil tasting. COME PREPARED WITH QUESTIONS!