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IBC Visit to Inés Rosales

Inscripción abierta desde el 14 septiembre 2019 ( 9:00) hasta el 6 noviembre 2019 (10:00)
Fábrica Inés Rosales 8 de noviembre de 2019. 09:30 a 13:00 Salida: 8 de noviembre de 2019. 9:30 Regreso: 8 de noviembre de 2019. 13:00 IBC Visitas

InésRosales is a company dedicated to the production of confectionary products,typical of the Andalusian region and culture.  One of the key aspects of their products and production process is the use of pure virgin olive oil as well as the home-made methods used in production. Inés Rosales distributes and markets its products nationally and internationally and their famous tortasde aceite can be found in specialty food stores in the States.  Duringthe visit, IBC students will learn about the history of the company,  its exportation and marketing strategies, visit the production line, and try some of the local products. COME PREPARED WITH QUESTIONS!