Grades and transcripts

How does the grade reporting process work?

Upon completion of your program, CIEE resident staff automatically send final grade reports, along with other supporting documentation from the host institution when available, to the CIEE Portland, Maine office. A CIEE Academic Record (CAR) is then created, issued, and forwarded to your sending institution. The CAR, approved by the CIEE Academic Consortium, lists each course title, along with the language of instruction, hours of instruction, recommended semester hours of credit and suggested U.S. grade equivalency. In addition, each CAR is accompanied by an academic guide that includes detailed information on the host institution, admissions requirements, nature of the courses offered at that location, the academic calendar, and a grade conversion chart (when applicable).

How long will it take for my grades to be processed?

Grade reporting at most overseas institutions does not happen as quickly as it does in the U.S. Students’ home institutions typically receive final grades from CIEE approximately 10 to 12 weeks after the program ending date. Please be aware, however, that some sites take much longer to report grades to the CIEE Portland office. This is primarily the case for some programs offering direct enrollment courses (e.g. but not limited to programs in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, and Seville), due to the fact that collection of these final grades depends on local institutions and their individual grade reporting procedures. You will not be sent a copy of your CAR or grades from CIEE, since it is your home institution or School of Record that designates whether (and how) your credits and grades will transfer to your degree program.

If you participated on the program through CIEE’s School of Record, please note that it typically takes an additional 2 – 3 weeks for your grades to be processed and forwarded to your home school. CIEE sends the CAR to the School of Record, who then has to create and send an official transcript to your home institution for you. As a service to you, CIEE’s School of Record will also send an official copy of your transcript to your permanent address at the same time that they send an official copy to your home school, since the recorded grades with the School of Record are an official record of your study abroad. Please keep in mind that if you open that transcript copy it will no longer be considered “official”.

What happens after CIEE Portland sends the grade report to my us sending school?

After receiving the CAR, information is entered onto the transcript at your home institution per their own policies and procedures—or onto the transcript offered through CIEE’s School of Record (SOR), if you applied to the program requesting to study through an SOR—and this becomes the official record of your participation in a CIEE program. Please keep in mind that your US sending school ultimately determines how credits and grades are counted and transfer in to their system.

What if I still owe money to CIEE for my program fees or for a debt i incurred while on my program that went unpaid after I returned to the us?

CIEE Academic Records are not released to home schools when participants have outstanding financial obligations to the CIEE Portland office or to the program site. If you owe any funds to CIEE, you will be sent a bill for those outstanding fees via your online account shortly after the debt is reported to the Portland office. In many cases, these debts are reported prior to CIEE Portland’s receipt of the grade reports to allow you time to make the payment in full before the grades are fully processed, so you can avoid any delays in having your grades sent to your home school. Any balance must be paid in full (with cleared funds) to the CIEE Portland, Maine office for grades to be released.

Whom should I contact about any grade-related questions?

The CIEE Registration Coordinators and Registrar are the only people who are authorized to release student’s final grades, and no grades can be released via phone. Any inquiries about grades—either before or after they have been reported—must be directed to the CIEE Registration Coordinators (, or via the Registration Coordinator’s direct information on our Contact Us page), rather than to the resident staff overseas. Please be sure to include the term, year, and program name in the subject line of any email message you send. The overseas staff will not have the most up-to-date information about the status of your grades, so please only contact the Registration Coordinators in the CIEE Portland office with your questions.

How do I request my transcript?

To request an official copy of your CIEE Academic Record (CAR) (in addition to the original that is automatically mailed directly to your home school or school of record upon program completion), please print and complete the CIEE Transcript Request Form (pdf) and return it to the CIEE U.S. Office via scanned email attachment, fax, or mail as instructed on the form.

  • An unofficial copy of your CIEE Academic Record can be emailed directly to you, for no fee. The CIEE Transcript Request Form (pdf) must be completed for this as well. Standard processing time for unofficial copies is 10 business days. Stand-alone expedited service is not available for unofficial copies. If you are requesting an unofficial copy in addition to (and at the same time as) a “Standard” or “Expedited” official transcript request, the unofficial copy will be processed in the same timeframe as the official documents.
  • Payment may be made by credit card (Visa or MasterCard only), or by check or money order (payable to CIEE).
  • Please be sure to include any additional instructions or required forms specific to your needs (e.g. LSDAS/LSAC form or AMCAS form, if applicable) with your request.
  • If you have an outstanding financial obligation to CIEE, your request will not be processed until the balance has been paid in full with cleared funds.

Email and phone requests will not be accepted, as an official signature from the student is required.


ATTN: Registration Coordinator (include your program name)
300 Fore Street Portland, ME 04101
Tel: 800.40.STUDY