CIEE requires all students to choose one of the CIEE housing options*. Students are placed in housing throughout various neighborhoods of Seville usually within a 20-40 minute walk (or commute) to their classes. Though it is impossible to generalize given the diversity of homes, dorm rooms and shared apartments, the following is a brief description of each housing option:

  • Homestay: the student is placed in a home with a single host or with various household members. The single host is often recommended for students with special needs/requirements (such as allergies, dietary conditions, physical conditions, etc.) or those who may wish for more personalized attention or autonomy. Those who are assigned in a home with various household members although this may not correspond with the “typical” family as members could be couples without children, with older children at/not at home, elderly siblings, homosexual couples, young professionals…. This option includes: an individual bedroom; three meals per day taken at the host’s schedule; internet (though not necessarily WiFi); cleaning and laundry once per week; and heater/fan (only seasonal).With the student´s housing questionnaire and homestay family visits, Student Life determines the best homestay for each student.
  • Independent Housing: ONLY available to Academic Yearlong Program students during their second semester in Seville, the student receives a monthly stipend to be used for all living costs. CIEE accepts no responsibility for the student’s independent housing and an Independent Housing Waiver is required.

Housing usually represents one of (if not) the most important aspect in the student’s linguistic and cultural adaptation. Semester/Yearlong (and certain summer program) students are allowed to change housing throughout the semester, but only at regularly schedule times which shall be published upon arrival. Nevertheless, it is essential that students communicate any issues with their housing in a prompt manner with Student Life department.