How to request a medical appointment

The Student Life team is available during office hours to assist you in making a medical appointment, whether it is for a physical or a mental condition; however, it may be quicker and more efficient for students to make these arrangements for themselves based on their own preferences/priorities. For a more complete list of options, please see the MEDICAL section on the next page.

Students who require help making an appointment and/or translation services should use Clinica Santa Isabel. They have a dedicated 24/7 international unit to assist, accompany and translate for you whether you are being attended through Urgent Care/Urgencias (especially useful for same-day, evening and weekend needs) or whether you are calling ahead to arrange an appointment for  later date; both can be done by calling the 24/ helpline.

Hospital Fatima also has an international unit which can provide accompaniment and translation services, although most students choose Clinica Santa Isabel as it tends to be more economical.

Clínica Santa Isabel
Tel: (+34) 696-190-574 24/7 helpline for foreign patients
Avenida Luis Montoto, 100

Hospital Fátima
Tel: (+34) 619-773-383 24/7 helpline for foreign patients
Glorieta de Méjico, 1

*Don´t forget to save all your documents (medical reports, bills, prescriptions and receipts) as you will need these if you intend to file a claim for reimbursement with iNext or your primary insurance. You can also find this information on the next page under MEDICAL