How to request an academic tutor

Requesting an academic tutor DOES NOT INVOLVE ANY COST for students. You may request the assistance of an academic tutor in each of the following three instances:

  • To review your written assignments in Spanish for your content courses (not for your Spanish language courses).
  • To further improve your linguistic skills with an emphasis on your structural knowledge of Spanish (written form and grammar).
  • To seek assistance with the contents of your direct enrolment courses with Spanish students.

In the first two instances you will be assisted by CIEE language professors and Spanish graduate students majoring in teaching Spanish as a foreign language at the Universidad de Sevilla. Students are encouraged to seek any help necessary related to writing in Spanish.

CIEE also organizes language tutorials for students in order to help them overcome linguistic barriers in reading, writing, comprehension, and speaking, which may affect their progress in content classes taught exclusively in Spanish. This is a wonderful opportunity to improve language skills on a one-on-one basis and to spend time with Spanish students of a similar age and background.


Request an appointment through your Program Manager,  and  one of our tutors will help you with your written assignments.

Keep in mind that towards the end of the semester many students request this service. So, try to request assistance as soon as you possibly can.

We suggest you don’t wait until the very last minute, as we may not have the time to help you. During the midterm and final exams period, you need to request your appointment somewhat earlier:

  • Midterm exams period: a week prior to the date when your assignment is due
  • Final exams period: two weeks prior to the date when your assignment is due

Keep in mind:

  • The tutors don’t correct the entire assignment, only your doubts. Sessions last an average 30-40 minutes and you must be present. Bring specific questions and doubts about the text or about the parts you would like to have reviewed.
  • You may review your assignments as many times as you may need it.
  • You must bring a printed copy (double space) of your assignment, so that we can work with it.
  • Assignments sent via email are not accepted.
  • Only assignments corresponding to content courses are accepted. The assignments of Spanish language courses can only be corrected within the context of the class and by the professor.


Likewise, you can request an appointment through your Program Manager and one of our tutors will be in touch to help you arrange a tutorial session for the discussion of your most pressing linguistic needs. You may enjoy a maximum of 12 hours of language tutorials throughout the semester. These sessions are intended to help you clarify grammar points, not as conversational exchanges.


All students directly registered in classes with Spaniards may request a private tutor for any and all of their regular university classes.

What is the tutorial program?

The tutorial program consists of private classes for each regular university class you have. It is highly recommended to have a tutor for each regular university class, but it is not obligatory. You may, if desired, organize group tutorials with other CIEE students registered in the same class.

Tutors may provide students with class notes, explain background information, help to overcome language barriers, share information on the types of exams professors give, and structure learning discipline by keeping students up-to-date with course readings and notes.

What are the conditions of the tutorial program?

  • CIEE will pay the tutor to help you for a maximum of 8 hours per class per semester.
  • You may distribute these hours as needed before arriving at the maximum number, but you should not have more than three hours of tutorials per week for any one class.
  • You must request and begin the tutorials before the 8th week of the program’s regular session. This date is listed on the program calendar. After this date, you may not request a tutor that is paid for by the program, given that the purpose of the program is to help you from the beginning of classes to keep up with the subject matter.

Who gives the tutorials?

There are several possibilities for tutorial support:

  • Peer students: One of your classmates who will be especially helpful for updating and correcting class notes and studying together. This is also a good way to make friends with Spaniards of your age who share your academic interests.
  • Doctoral candidates or upperclassmen (recommended by the professor): Tutors who are doctoral candidates or upperclassmen who have received the highest grade in the course in previous years. They are usually in closer contact with professor and act more like teachers. We advise these types of tutors for difficult subjects or if the professor has recommended the student.
  • Former Tutors: If you are having problems finding a tutor, stop by the office and check out the list of former tutors.

Take your time and think about which of these possibilities will work best for you.

IMPORTANT: Please do not accept any offers from professors to be your tutor. Keep in mind also that the professors’ tutorías are not tutoring sessions. CIEE considers these his/her office hours. You should, however, meet regularly with the professor during these hours to resolve any pending questions or concerns. These consultations are different from tutorials.

What takes place during a tutorial?

Each tutorial will be different and will depend upon your specific needs in each class. You may spend time, for example, going over class notes to make sure you wrote down the most important information from the lecture. You may spend time going over concepts that you do not understand, or vocabulary related to the subject material that may not be very familiar to you. You should also ask for information concerning required and recommended readings; take time during the tutorial to go over the difficult ones, if necessary. The tutor could also help you go over papers, research projects, commentaries, etc. for use of the Spanish language prior to handing them into the professor. It is really up to you but try to make the most of this time.

What are the many advantages of having a tutor in each class?

  • You could compare your class notes with a Spanish student while you review and reinforce the content of the class. On an academic level, this will help you prepare for exams, presentations, etc. over the course of the semester. You will better understand the material presented and will most likely receive a better final grade.
  • The tutor will help you better express your questions and ideas in Spanish. You will strengthen your speaking skills in general and this will lead to gaining fluency in the language.
  • The tutor will help you perfect your writing skills as well, both grammatically as well as stylistically, by correcting your written essays.
  • You may meet a new Spanish friend for life!

What do I do if I am interested in requesting a tutor?

Ideally, you should be able to find a possible tutor amongst your peers in the class. If you can’t find one, CIEE may be in touch with your professor at the University of Seville/Pablo de Olavide/EUSA asking him/her for their recommendations on tutors. In most cases, they will recommend a tutor with whom you can work during the semester.

Once you have selected your tutor, stop by the CIEE office with him/her and staff will explain goals and procedures of the program. He/she will be given a form to fill out with his/her personal information where contact hours will be listed and signed by the CIEE student. In some cases, this may be done by phone or email (if from a different campus). We at CIEE will take down tutor’s name, phone, email, address, major, etc. and will inform him/her about the retribution.

Please make sure to do this before the eighth week of the program’s regular session.

What do I do if I am having a problem with my tutor?

This will most likely not happen, but if the tutorials are not working out (i.e. the tutor is not as well prepared, comes late or not at all, is not available, cannot meet with you, or doesn’t know enough about the class material, etc.,) please speak with us as soon as possible. You may change tutors at any time during the semester, and we will help you find one, if necessary. The previous tutor will be paid for the hours invested and may need to assist in the change.

Always speak with the Manager of your program.