Incomplete courses

A CIEE Academic Record that reports one or more Incompletes will be accompanied by an Incomplete Course form which provides detailed information about what the student is required to do in order to complete the course(s), and the date by which the CIEE Center Director and/or professor(s) at the program location needs to receive the missing work. CIEE will assign a deadline date for work to be submitted that is reasonable for the individual course and student circumstances, and which will fall no more than one semester (or six months, whichever is earlier) after the on-site exam date of the course(s) in question.

If the student does not make appropriate arrangements with the CIEE Center Director prior to departure, a grade of “F” will be assigned for any missing work and the final grade for the course will be calculated accordingly. Individual professors do not have the authority to extend deadlines, make special arrangements for students, or otherwise modify the CIEE academic policies. Any special arrangements tentatively proposed by professors must be submitted to the CIEE Center Director on site for review and final approval.

If the student misses the deadline for completing work for Incomplete courses, all Incomplete coursework will automatically be converted to failing grades (F), and no extensions will be granted on previously stated deadlines for Incompletes. Similarly, students who have been granted an Incomplete may not later request to receive a grade of “W” for the course in question, regardless of circumstance. It is the student’s responsibility to comply with the stated requirements and deadline for the Incomplete coursework, and to remain in contact with the professor and/or CIEE Center Director throughout this time. Neither the professor nor CIEE onsite Staff have any obligation to provide reminders to the student as the stated deadline approaches. If the student meets the deadline, the appropriate professor(s) on site will grade the assignment and report the new course grade(s) to the CIEE Center Director. CIEE will send a new CIEE Academic Record to the student’s home institution or School of Record, reporting the updated grade(s).

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