Learning Accommodations

If you have special academic needs, prior to your arrival onsite, you should have fully informed CIEE, providing all details that need to be taking into consideration and the corresponding Academic Accommodation Form provided by the Office for Student Accessibility, by the Service for Students with Disabilities, or by a similar body at your home school. Such form should indicate what benefits you enjoy, based on what specific needs. CIEE Seville will do everything possible to replicate these conditions, though only according to the capacity of its faculty, its staff and its premises.

Whichever request for learning accommodations you may want to submit, it should derive from a pre-existing condition, situation or need, known to your home school before your term studying abroad.

Requests that involve the impossibility to meet CIEE’s Program Terms & Conditions or specific program prerequisites (i.e.: a request to not enroll in courses taught in Spanish in a program that only offers that opportunity, or to not enroll in a Spanish grammar course when that is a prerequisite of the program) cannot be granted.

It is very important that, once in Seville, you remind your Program Manager about your needs. Thanks to the information you have previously provided, she will already know, but it will now be her duty to inform your professors and the Academic Director, who will in due time be responsible for arranging and providing the means for you to enjoy your learning accommodations.

Regarding midterm and final exams, CIEE Seville establishes a schedule that will almost fully prevent the coincidence of two or more your exams on the same day. This is nevertheless possible, so all students would be permitted to request the change of one of their exams if three exams coincide on the same day. However, it is also a student’s responsibility to not choose all of his/her courses on the same days, not only to avoid the possible coincide of exams, but to prevent an uneven workload during the week.

The process to request Learning Accommodations works as follows:

  • Before the end date to complete your online tasks, you submit your Learning Accommodation Form, issued and signed by the Office for Student Accessibility, by the Service for Students with Disabilities, or by a similar body at your home school to the appropriate CIEE online platform.
  • During onsite orientation, you remind your Program Manager about your learning accommodations.
  • The Program Manager and/or the Academic Director informs your teachers about the requirements that your learning accommodations entail without describing their nature.
  • No later than the second or third day after the start of your classes, you should also remind each of your teachers about your learning accommodations. Our objective is that no information gap prevents you from enjoying them.