Professional internships

CIEE Seville BS, IBC and CNMJ-E students can gain practical work experience through a 3-credit onsite internship. The benefits of an internship abroad are many:

  • Gain and improve your soft skills, (communication, flexibility, interpersonal, professionalism, responsibility, teamwork, patience, self-management, self-confidence, perseverance, ambition, initiative, etc.)
  • Stand out from the crowd, only 2% of US college students intern abroad
  • Learn about others and yourself
  • Acquire massive personal growth
  • Enjoy cultural immersion at the deepest level
  • Greatly enhance your resume


Performing an internship is as rewarding as it is challenging. It’ll take time and sometimes it’ll put you out of your comfort zone though, that’s precisely where learning will happen! If you decide to do an internship in Seville, you need to know that it means:

  • Completing 100 hours of work/semester, (usually 2 days/week – 5 hours of work/day)
  • Enrolling in a 3-credit class, (1 session every 2 weeks)
  • Arranging your classes so that you can offer companies an attractive schedule
  • Uploading to your MyCIEE account: your resume, cover letter and Internship Proposal Form signed by your Study Abroad advisor


  • Students submit their Internship Proposal Form, Cover Letter and Resume to MyCIEE
  • Students attend the Internship Forum and interview with companies. As is the case with all job interviews, it is a competitive process–the more prepared you are, the better your chances of getting the internship you want.  Additionally, business attire is required for the internship interview.
  • Employer selects the most suitable candidates based on the interview and how your major, skills, and interests line up with the requirements of the position. After the event, students rank their company preferences and companies rank student applicant preferences; both student and company communicate preferences to CIEE Seville Internship Coordinator.
  • CIEE evaluates student and company preference: CIEE informs student of their assigned internship company.
  • Student accepts offer and makes changes to courses during add-drop period (if necessary) to align with work hours.


While every Spanish company is different, there are certain cultural aspects of doing business in Spain that you may find present in the Spanish workplace:

  • Working hours: While some Spanish companies have adopted the “9am to 5pm” work schedule, others continue to run on a split schedule: morning from 9am-2pm approximately and afternoons from 5pm-8pm/9pm. In the summers the schedule is often 9am-2pm.
  • Time perception:  Time is often more “flexible” (i.e. more polychronic) in a Spanish work environment compared to a U.S. work environment. If you’re a foreign worker in Spain, however, it’s better to show up on time when starting with a company rather than assume you can arrive late.
  • Socializing with business colleagues: socializing is an important part of the business culture in Spain. In many Spanish offices workers sometimes leave the office mid-morning to have breakfast together.  Joining your co-coworkers for breakfast is certainly one of the best ways to practice your Spanish and get to know your colleagues.

If any problems arise during your internship experience, it is always best to resolve them as soon as possible, so don’t hesitate to reach out to the CIEE Seville Internship Coordinator.