While Seville can be a city with encanto, you must never forget that this city is just as much apart of the real world as any other and while violent crime is significantly less frequent than American cities, petty crimes abound – the most common of which is non-violent theft: pickpockets and stealing items left unattended. Sadly, foreigners (including students) are often the target and usually the main objectives are cash and iPhones/iPads. As in any big city, you need to be cautious during your stay in Seville (and when travelling abroad), especially late at night. Use common sense and be aware of what is going around you at all times. Stay alert, take additional precuations and hopefully your experience abroad will be problem-free,  Here are some additional resources:

General emergency phone numbers

Police / Ambulance / Fire: 112
Consulate of the United States in Seville: 954 218 571
Embassy of the United States in Madrid: 915 872 240
Madrid after-hours number: 915 872 200

What to do if I am robbed

If you are a victim of a crime, please do thefollowing:

  • If you need emergency assistance, call for help. You can reach police, fire, and ambulance by calling 112. Resident Staff can be reached outside of normal office hours on the CIEE emergency phone.
  • Cancel credit cards and/or ATM cards. Lost or stolen credit cards should be reported immediately, using the contact numbers provided below. If you need assistance, please speak to Resident Staff.
    Mastercard: 900 971 231
    Visa: 900 991 124
    American Express: 917 497 000
  • Report the crime to the police as quickly as possible… in Spanish, «poner una denuncia«. You’ll need the report for insurance purposes (please remember that INext offers coverage for lost/stolen items) and for replacing certain lost documents, such as your passport. In any case, reporting the crime to local police is always a good idea. In some cases, you can place your denuncia 24 hours a day via the Internet (or telephone) at Regardless, you will still have to stop by the nearest police station to sign the report in order to make it official.
  • Inform CIEE

Police stations

Sevilla – Centro
Alameda de Hércules / Tel: 954 289 557

Sevilla – Triana (Torre Sevilla)
Camino de los Descubrimientos 1

Sevilla – Nervión
Avda. Cruz del Campo, 17 / Tel: 954 581 234

Sevilla – Los Remedios
Avda. Blas Infante, 12 / Tel: 954 289 300

Sevilla – Macarena
C/ López de Azme, 4 / Tel: 954 375 085

The specific emergency phonenumber for the local police is 092.

How to wire money in an emergency

If your parents need to send you money in anemergency, the best option is an international wire transfer via Moneygram or Western Union. General information including FAQs on performing international wire transfers can be found at or

Sexual Assault guidelines and information

If you or somebody you know is a victim of a gender-crime, CIEE has extensive information and resources including medical attention, psychological support, legal advice, etc. Please keep in mind the following:

  • Most important is to make sure the person is no longer in immediate danger; if not the case, call 112 immediately and inform CIEE as a secondary measure
  •  Do not wash and save all clothing items unwashed as well: this is very important if the person decides (even at a later time) to file a police report
  • Medical care should be sought as soon as possible (even if no apparent injuries have been sustained) as there may be other health consequences (unwanted pregnancies, STDs…). CIEE works with Spanish hospitals, one in particular, who have well-established sexual assault protocols in place for which a forensic specialist will be called as well as an officer from the gender-crimes unit. Regardless of whether or not the police are called, the decision to file a formal report is always up to the victim.
  • Clinica Santa Isabel/tel: +34-696-190-574 is the preferred hospital in Seville.
  • If the incident happens outside of Spain or simply becuase the person does not want to inform CIEE, the US Embassy is an excellent source of information and possibly assistance – and completely confidential.

Emergency Action Plan

In the case of an emergency, it may be necessary to consolidate and temporarily move students. The Emeregncy Action Plan Seville 2018 can be found here although students should not proceed to any of the indicated consolidation/lodging site until notice from CIEE staff. This will likely be relayed through ECHO and/or directly from onsite staff.