Volunteering at a local school as a Culture and Language Assistant

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We know you’ve come to Seville to make the most out of your experience as a student abroad. Talk about giving back to your host community, learning through experience, enhancing your resumé, and going back home at the end of the semester with wonderful stories to tell. If this appeals to you, there’s a big chance you may want to become a volunteer at a local school through CIEE Seville’s CULTURE AND LANGUAGE ASSISTANTS in English program.

As a CULTURE AND LANGUAGE ASSISTANT, you will spend some 3 hours per week (or more if you can fit into your schedule), usually participating in a couple of morning class sessions every week (afternoon sessions are sometimes possible too). You will assist the teacher of the class in carrying out activities and exercises with the students: singing songs, playing games or telling stories through which you will illustrate the culture, history and traditions of the U.S. and will be teaching them English.

What are the tasks and duties of the volunteers?

  • Assist the teacher in the classroom
  • Being the native speaker and cultural expert
  • Guiding class activities
  • Creating presentations
  • Reviewing exercises
  • Even planning lessons (with the teacher)
  • 3-4 hours/week average – less or more possible
  • Mornings (very exceptionally afternoons)

How can I become a Culture and Language Assistant?

Email your Program Manager.

  • Your name
  • Your program
  • Your address in Seville
  • Preference: primary or secondary school
  • Preference: number of hours
  • In one/two weeks you will first visit the school

How do I get my placement?

  • Survey: we get your info and preferences
  • We check your class schedule
  • We find the best suited school for you
  • We write with your placement details
  • We accompany you in your first visit

What does my commitment with the school entail?

  • You will continue until the end of the semester
  • You will be punctual
  • You will write/phone the teacher if you can’t attend class
  • You will keep in touch with the professor of the class
  • You will listen to him/her in order to learn
  • You will be proactive: suggest activities, bring materials
  • You will be respectful with the students (formal/informal)
  • You will be aware of possible cultural differences

Remember that as a Culture and Language Assistant you are an ambassador of CIEE, of your university, of your country and culture, although, primarily, of yourself.

Think properly before committing yourself. If you start but can’t continue after a few weeks, let us know!

How are the schools and the students?

CIEE has agreements with schools located in several parts of the city: Casco Antiguo (Centro), Triana, Nervión, and Los Remedios. Also, in low–income neighborhoods (if this is your interest, let us know). In these schools, you may be able to work with students of all ages: Pre-School 1-2-3 (ages 3-5), Primary School, first to sixth grade (ages 6-11), Secondary School, first to fourth grade of ESO (ages 12-16), and Secondary School Bachillerato, first and second grade (ages 16-17)