Your spanish

Acquiring a good level in a new language is one of the most significant skills a person can learn in life. It opens a whole new world of possibilities, expanding your horizons and permitting you to consider new, more meaningful and more ambitious personal and professional paths in your life.

Thus, a very important part of our mission at CIEE Seville is to help you gain fluency in spoken and written Spanish. A “compromiso lingüístico” binds all CIEE Seville staff members and faculty to use Spanish at all times in our interactions with students, unless a pressing need demands that we use English. This “compromiso lingüístico” is meant to foster the constant use of Spanish amongst the students while they are in Seville.

Even in the case of our academic programs that do not have a language requirement, International Business + Culture and Communications, New Media + Journalism English, we highly recommend that all students take at least one Spanish language class each semester. You may take language classes for credit or on an audit basis. Regardless of your level, there’s always a Spanish course that will suit your needs.

CIEE also offers students special language support as needed throughout the academic year as well as regular Spanish Language Workshops at the CIEE building. Keep yourself tuned to the calendar section of this website for the next workshop about the use of the subjunctive, the past tenses or the prepositions.

Additionally, if you need help with term papers, or with vocabulary, grammar, or pronunciation, please speak with our Academic Team or your Program Manager.